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“Gail Golden’s book, Curating Your Life, provides inspiration and guidance about how to live a life of productivity and joy.  Her chapter on ‘re-curating’ reinforces some of the ideas in the new book I’m writing about constantly reinventing yourself and not turning into a ‘used-to-be.’  Packed with wisdom, facts, and wonderful stories, this book is a must-read.
—Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times No. 1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

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Curating Your Life: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance


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Curating Your Life is the result of Gail’s experiences as an executive performance coach over more than 25 years. In a nutshell, becoming a peak performer requires a fierce focus on the things that really matter, where your greatness lies. Through her work with thousands of clients, Gail has learned some key lessons about how to navigate the overwhelming demands of work, home, and everything else. The truth is, we don’t actually have to be everything at once. In fact, we shouldn’t.

Curating your life means identifying those activities that are most important, meaningful, and joyful for you and making them the center of your life’s “exhibit.” It also means putting a whole bunch of stuff in the back room, to be reconsidered at another time.


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Curating your life means sorting your activities into three categories:

  • The things you are not going to do (at least not right now)
  • The things you will be mediocre at
  • The things you will be great at

That’s how you put what matters into focus and let the other stuff fall to the wayside. The process Gail lays out in the book is not simple. But the payoff is amazing. Living a well-curated life is doable, and it’s worth it. You get to perform with excellence at the things that really matter to you and still enjoy life.

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Praise for Curating Your Life:

“Enough with work/life balance! It never existed. Instead, performance coach Gail Golden teaches us to ‘curate our lives.’ She proposes that we make the tough choices, so we focus our energy on the tasks that make us most productive and joyful. This book is for everyone from senior executives to early-career employees who want to maximize their impact and still have fun.
—Laurel Bellows, managing principal, The Bellows Law Group, former president, American Bar Association

“In our overamped world, we need practical ways to focus our energy on the things that truly matter. Gail offers just that. It’s a timely antidote to FOMO culture and the debilitating chase that accompanies it. Through sage, sometimes counterintuitive counsel, Golden shows us that curation is the cure for much of what ails us.”
—Tom Yorton, founder of Shyne Advisors, LLC, former CEO Second City Works, and coauthor, “Yes, And”

“Gail Golden’s Curating Your Life reminds us all that nobody has it all, but when you refocus your energy, you can do anything better. Golden’s strategies for identifying what you are best at and harnessing your energy capacity will inspire you to lead a more productive life.”
—Fred Cook, director of the USC Center for PR

Curating Your Life is not for those looking for a simple, easy lifehack that will allow them to do more, better, in less time (while looking fabulous). In this smart, helpful guide, Gail Golden exposes the futility of trying to do and have it all — encouraging us instead to achieve greater harmony, fulfillment, and effectiveness through reflection and intentional choices.”
—David Mooney, CEO, Alliant Credit Union

“Gail Golden has created a masterpiece for busy people who want more meaning in their lives. She draws on her background in psychology and business to teach us how to ‘curate’ our lives in a purposeful way. She artfully highlights the cardinal mistakes people can’t help but make and empowers us to sort out what’s most important in life and use our energy for that. If you’re beyond busy, this is a must-read.
—David Grossman, leadership and communications expert, founder and CEO, The Grossman Group

“Perfection on all fronts at all times is totally overrated. Gail’s relatable, sensible, and often humorous ways to overcome the traps of needing to be always perfect are right on. This book is a must read for everyone navigating today’s frenzied and demanding world of work.
—Andrea S. Kramer, coauthor of It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace: Women’s Conflict at Work and the Bias That Built It

Gail Golden shows us the pathways to focusing our energy to be both more productive and more fulfilled.”
—Andy Polansky, chairman and CEO, Interpublic’s Constituency Management Group (CMG) and executive chairman, Weber Shandwick

“Gail Golden provides a new prism to look through to address the work-life balance challenge facing leaders in a world with ever increasing demands on their time. It’s a highly engaging read that will inspire you to curate your life.”
—Pamela Forbes Lieberman, corporate director and former True Value Company CEO

Simply put, Gail’s approach works. I have seen first-hand how it optimizes performance and enhances lives. Gail truly provides a perspective that blends the expectations for high performance with compassion for the realities of life.”
—Terri Friel, former dean, Heller College of Business at Roosevelt University, professor of supply chain management, Capella University, USAT and Ironman coach

Curating Your Life provides a candid and validating compilation of the hidden and conscious views of what it means to be human and the continuous aspirations we share to bring balance and self-awareness to our lives. Refreshing and honest.
—Ellen Rozelle Turner, president and CEO, William Everett Group