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As a psychologist and consultant for over twenty-five years, Gail Golden has developed deep expertise in helping businesses to build better leaders.

Gail Golden Consulting offers executive coaching in Chicago and around the world, with a network of talented partners specializing in all fields. See the case studies for examples of the wide range of services they offer.

Meet the team

Gail is the author of Curating Your Life: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance.

In both her book and her work, Gail enables business leaders and other high-achievers to perform at their peak and still enjoy life by focusing their energy on what really matters and letting go of the rest.  Curating your life is a tough process and it works.

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Want to know how well you’re curating your life? Take our work-life balance assessment.


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Our Executive Coaching Services

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We design and deliver leadership programs to help you achieve your goals.

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We facilitate and accelerate team building and new leader integration.

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We help define and design organizational structures that cultivate success.

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We help individuals and companies identify and assess leadership challenges and opportunities.

Performance Coaching in the Media







Gail Golden presents lectures and workshops on a wide variety of leadership topics to business executives internationally. 
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“Gail has been instrumental in making me a significantly better leader through her counsel and guidance.

Further, she’s accelerated my executive team’s cohesiveness and impact by developing a coaching group for the team that is working with the leaders as a group and individually.”

Piyush Chaudhari

Gail’s work helped me see myself through the eyes of those I am responsible for working with and leading. Her insights have enabled me to improve some key relationships that were problematic and strengthen those that were already good. The net result is a happier, more productive environment. This lady’s got game.

Executive Director

Performing Arts Organization

For anyone who would like a partner to help them think critically, strategically, and constructively about leadership, organizational development and professional growth, Gail is the woman for you!

Gabrielle Lyon

Founder and Senior Explorer, Project Exploration

Gail is dynamic and direct in her presentation and her workshop was well received by each attendee bringing awareness and a new understanding of the importance of professional behavior in the workplace. Her presentations are filled with valuable information fit for any company that is seeking positive change.

Nancy C. Medin

Director of Human Resources, GCG Financial