Executive Assessments

Finding the right leaders is critical to your company’s success. Hiring the wrong person can be one of the most expensive mistakes you will ever make. Our combination of business acumen and psychological expertise will enable you to select and promote leaders who combine technical expertise with the leadership dimensions your company needs.

I want to put my executives to the test

  • We start by interviewing the hiring manager to understand the key success factors for the role and the questions you need answered.
  • Utilizing expert behavior-based interviewing and focused assessment tools, including the Hogan, we assess candidates’ strengths and deficits.
  • We provide immediate verbal feedback to the hiring manager, a written report, and comparisons between candidates.
  • We give feedback to the candidates, whether or not they are hired.
  • Our assessment includes developmental suggestions explicitly linked to the role expectations. This provides the basis for a New Leader Integration plan which accelerates the effectiveness of the leader in his/her new role.

Our executive assessment package enables you to get the right leaders in the right roles performing at their
best quickly.

Hogan Certified


Principal Gail Golden is certified to administer and interpret the Hogan, a suite of leadership assessment tools that use personality to predict workplace performance.

You wrote a great assessment report on our new Chief Strategy Officer, and your observations and predictions are consistent with what we all found. The CSO’s hot buttons are exactly as I expected so I agree that your immediate feedback to her is extremely important. She thought the assessment process was excellent and that our organization is ahead of the pack for doing this.

Chief Human Resources Officer, Medical Research Foundation

Individual Assessments

What are my strengths as a business leader? How can I prepare myself for my next promotion? What are my potential derailers? Where does my passion lie? Who will give me honest, candid feedback? These are the kinds of questions that challenge you as a business leader many times in your career. Whether you are making decisions about your business or about managing your own career, an accurate assessment of your strengths and areas of opportunity is critical for making the best choices.

I want to measure my performance

  • At Gail Golden Consulting, assessments are performed by licensed Ph.D. psychologists who understand both human psychology and the world of business. We are skilled interviewers who have assessed hundreds of senior business leaders.
  • We use specific psychological assessment measures to enhance our understanding of your skills, abilities, and passions.
  • Our goal is to answer your questions with meaningful information. We know the best assessment in the world is useless unless you get practical, accurate feedback to help you move forward. Our mantra about delivering feedback is “honest, intelligent, and kind.” Even when we deliver tough feedback, our clients have praised the value of the information and the thoughtfulness with which we delivered it.

We help you find the answers that lead to success.

Gail has been an active listener and coach for me throughout a very volatile period of challenge and change in a very large organization. She has helped me navigate these rough waters by not letting me lose myself, my purpose and my relevance as a leader. She has taught me the difference between “who I am” and “what I do.” She has helped me connect with other leaders who each have a unique voice, helping us to stand for each other so we do not get lost in the system. Gail has used appropriate tools from “Strength Based” and “Myers Briggs” to bridge a better understanding of our organization, teams and individuals.

James Damian, Former Senior Vice President, Enterprise Design Group, Best Buy

Performance Coaching

Our executive coaching model is all about performance. Our goal is to help you maximize your effectiveness as a business leader — fast.

I want to optimize my performance

  • Regular 1-1 meetings with your performance coach are only the beginning.
  • With your permission, we will meet with your manager and other stakeholders to gather information about your role, your leadership impact, and their expectations.
  • We will help you prepare a rigorous development plan and hold yourself accountable for carrying it through.
  • We will guide you to mentors within your company, resources in your community, and relevant books and courses.
  • We will challenge and support you every step of the way.

We have helped hundreds of business leaders increase their effectiveness and accelerate their careers — and we can help you. Learn more about what a performance coach does.

I worked with Gail as my executive coach. As a CEO, it is often difficult to discuss strategic and board issues with colleagues. Gail’s insights and business acumen provided the perfect sounding board for our organization, which was in a period of significant transition. Productivity, growth and strategic direction all improved with Gail as an advisor to me. I found her advice to be invaluable in navigating numerous issues with board members, senior staff and planning for the organization. You won’t find a better partner in this role!

Scott Harrison, retired CEO, Lifespace Communities, Inc.

New Leader Integration

Your company invests considerable time and money in selecting new leaders. A well-designed New Leader Integration Program ensures the return on that investment. Our integration program goes far beyond traditional “on-boarding.” Research has indicated that “the first 90 days” is only the beginning of the integration process. Many of the potential derailers for new leaders emerge in the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th quarter of their first year.

Let’s fine tune your team

We customize our integration program according to the level of the new leader and the organizational context. Elements of the program may include:

  • Consultation with the manager and the HR partner to determine the key success factors for the role and potential challenges for the new leader
  • Assessment of the new leader utilizing behavior-based interviewing and other assessment tools
  • Interviews with key stakeholders to provide initial information to the new leader regarding expectations, culture, potential minefields, etc.
  • Verbal and written feedback to the new leader
  • Creation of a written integration plan
  • Meeting with the new leader, the manager and the HR partner to gain alignment for the integration plan
  • Individual coaching for one year
  • Periodic check-ins with key stakeholders regarding the leader’s progress
  • Observation and development of the leader with his/her team
  • Evaluation of progress at the end of the year and planning for next steps

It’s time to optimize my performance