Finding Work/Life Balance

Finding work/life balance by embracing mediocrity and saying no

Everywhere you look, people are feeling stressed, overworked, and inadequate. In our hyper-stimulating environment, we’re trying to do it all and we end up feeling exhausted and empty. We talk about finding work/life balance, but nobody is balanced and the concept just makes us feel worse. As I work with my executive coaching clients to help them be the best leaders they can be, this issue of how to manage yourself for peak productivity is very often on the agenda.

Dickens Process Wendy Rhoades

The Dickens Process works for Billions’ Wendy Rhoades, and in real life

Everyone’s favorite fictional performance coach, Wendy Rhoades, is back at it in the first episode of Showtime’s Billions, now in its third season. She has her work cut out for her — her boss, Bobby Axelrod, is banned from trading, and his employees at Axe Capital are struggling to find their way forward. For inspiration, she turns to another fictional character. Wendy offers to help Bobby deal with his dilemma by taking him through a technique created by real-life coach Tony Robbins called the Dickens Process.

bystander intervention training

Bystander intervention training to end sexual harassment at work

As business leaders confront the #MeToo crisis, many turn to sexual harassment training. It seems like such a great idea. Let’s train people not to be harassers. Let’s train people not to be victims. Let’s train everyone how to respect boundaries and respond to reports of sexual harassment. If we train every single person, eventually we’ll get this problem under control.

Sadly, the facts about sexual harassment training are not so great.

how to lead during a crisis

3 tips for how to lead during a crisis

“Plans are great until you get punched in the face.” Although Mike Tyson is not a role model for business leadership, this quote of his points to the necessity of being agile — willing to change or even abandon your plans in extreme situations. It reminded me of an old Jewish proverb, “Man plans and God laughs.”

Perfect Work Day

How to structure the perfect work day in 12 parts

Leadership consultants like me can spend all day teaching business leaders how to manage better. Usually, that means emphasizing the skills needed to successfully manage other people. And while those are certainly critical, I’ve been at this long enough to know that leaders can only manage others effectively when they have a foundation of managing themselves.

Respecting boundaries in the workplace

Respecting boundaries with female colleagues starts with recognizing personal space

A lot of good men have come to me recently with questions about respecting boundaries — particularly those of their female colleagues. It’s not that they haven’t been thinking about this all along. But in the current environment of increased openness and feistiness about sexual harassment, many men are trying to be especially respectful in their interactions with women.

Hire for Diversity

Want to hire for diversity? Try looking like the talent you want to attract

Imagine a familiar scene: hundreds of talented job candidates milling about an enormous room. Lining every aisle are eye-popping displays from bold-name employers, Google, Boeing, Dow, The U.S. Army. Each booth offers “swag” — a mug, a Frisbee, a notebook, on and on — all acting as lures for people who want to talk with you about whether their company would be a good fit for you.

psychopath investor

Want to Make a Million? Don’t Hire a Psychopath Investor to Manage Your Money

It turns out that once again the general consensus, paradoxically referred to as “common sense,” is wrong. For decades we have believed that, while psychopaths may not be nice people, they are great for beating the competition and making the big bucks. So while you may not want to marry a psychopath, or even work for one, when it comes to your money, you do want a psychopathic investment advisor who can play the game for blood.