You may not be able to play the guitar or scream out a song like a rock star, but if you’re a business leader, your lifestyle may be as unhealthy as a rock star’s: too much travel, dashing from one meeting to the next, working long hours, and eating on the run. A recent book, The Rockstar Remedy by Francis and Massand, has some good advice. Don’t expect yourself to make healthy choices all the time – aim for 90%. Then focus on five areas:
– Detox: get rid of the things that are poisoning you physically or emotionally
– Food: eat for beauty, stamina, and focus
– Body: find exercise you love
– Mind and Spirit: practice therapies and treatments that you bring you back into harmony
– Socialize: strengthen connections with those you love

Sounds like good advice, whether you are Beyonce, Tim Cook, or you.

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