Steven-YoushaSteven Yousha, Psy.D., is an affiliate of Gail Golden Consulting, LLC. Currently Principal at Strategic Talent Management Consultants, LLC, he has been consulting on organizational and leadership development since 1990. His unique expertise allows for quick and accurate leadership assessments and in-depth solutions. Steve uses a variety of standardized assessment instruments, including those available only to licensed practitioners, and is certified in Lominger®, VoicesTM, and MRG® Suite products.

Steve engages with companies in a rich and tailored way that beats the “one-size-fits-all” mentality offered by many consultants. He takes the pulse of an organization and hones in on what makes for exceptional leadership for that business’s culture and its current and future needs.

Steve has published in the area of skill enhancement in organizations, focusing on programs to increase effectiveness in stressful work conditions. He earned his undergraduate and master degrees at Florida State University and his doctorate at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

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