High potential leadership programs

Your company’s future depends on your leadership pipeline. Even in tough economic times, you cannot afford to ignore the crucial issues of succession planning and talent development. Study after study has shown that in most cases it is less expensive and more effective to grow talent from within than to recruit it from outside.

I want to grow my best performers

We work with your company’s leaders to identify and develop your best leadership talent by:

  • Developing a leadership success profile for your company
  • Collaborating with senior leaders to identify the high-potential leaders within your organization
  • Assessing each high-potential leader and co-creating a development plan with the leader, the manager, and the HR partner
  • Providing targeted, high-performance coaching
  • Developing executive education courses and other team experiences for the high-potential group
  • Designing action learning projects that stretch high-potential leaders, build their team skills, and provide them exposure to the senior leadership group
  • Building mentorship programs that pair high-potential leaders with senior leaders
  • Facilitating talent roundtables where senior leaders discuss the talent across the organization and explore opportunities for job rotations, stretch roles, international assignments, etc.
  • Building coaching/mentoring skills in the senior leadership team
  • Providing customized software to track and evaluate the progress of high-potential leaders

Learn more about our five-part high-potential employee assessment.

As an owner and Co-President of a family-owned manufacturing business, I strongly recommend the consulting services of Gail Golden. Gail provided insight and tools to help successfully navigate strategic, operational and interpersonal issues in a time of crisis in our business. Gail helped me prioritize and address these issues in a timely and effective manner. I continue to use these tools regularly.

Co-President, Manufacturing Company

Executive Education Design & Delivery

As a company focuses on building its senior leadership talent, the leaders at the top may identify gaps in the skill sets of current and/or future senior leaders. Specific leadership capabilities such as strategic thinking, team leadership, and business acumen are examples of topics that are well-suited for an executive education program. The GGC team includes experts in the design and delivery of customized curricula for executive development.

I need to align my employees

Our process includes:

  • Interviewing the senior leaders to identify key business objectives and the leadership skills needed to achieve them
  • Gaining alignment and support at the top of the house for the program
  • Identifying the appropriate participants
  • Designing a targeted, meaningful curriculum with specific objectives and teaching approaches
  • Incorporating specific teaching methods such as computer simulations, customized case studies, and Action Learning Projects
  • Identifying and engaging world-class teachers from elite business schools and other sources
  • Delivering the curriculum
  • Evaluating the impact of the program

As a start-up entrepreneur I have been able to leverage Gail’s advice on multiple levels. First of all, she serves as a sounding board for my personal anxieties as I develop and fine tune my leadership skills. Just as important is her very practical advice for some of the constant day to day Human Resource issues that come up when you are dealing with a new company and trying to establish the corporate culture of the organization.

Founder, Publishing Company

Change Management

Any successful change initiative starts by getting clear about a series of questions:

  • Why do we need to change?
  • Change to what?
  • How will we know when we get there?

Sometimes these questions have been addressed by your strategy consultants, and at other times the leadership team is just at the start, with the awareness that business as usual won’t get you where you need to go.

It’s time for a change

Using interviews, group facilitation, surveys, and other assessment techniques, we help you focus on the key changes necessary to achieve your business objectives.

Once you have identified the crucial changes, the next step is identifying the barriers to change. Again, there are a series of questions to answer:

  • Who is on board with the change?
  • How must the senior leadership team lead differently?
  • What is getting in the way?

Successfully executing the change depends on completing three main tasks:

  • Communicate what you want your people to do differently and why, so they are both convinced and inspired.
  • Ensuring that people have the resources and skills to execute the change.
  • Challenging and overcoming barriers and resistance within the organization.

To help your leaders accomplish these tasks, our change management program may include:

  • Helping to draft communications
  • Facilitating meetings and offsites
  • Developing training programs
  • Training internal change agents who can motivate, teach, and evaluate others
  • Developing measurement tools to evaluate progress
  • Coaching individual leaders and teams in effective change management

Strategic Planning Facilitation

In the rush and pressure of running a business, leaders often are so busy with executing on a daily basis that they rarely have time to step back and look at the big picture. But history has shown that the most successful businesses are the ones where leaders set aside time to reflect on where they are trying to get to and how they are going to get there. From time to time, leadership teams need to get away from the demands of the business and refocus on the issues that are really important for the long-term success of the company.

At GGC our consultants are experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs. In addition, we have a deep understanding of group dynamics and know how to enable teams to maximize the value of their precious time together. We work with senior leadership teams to design and facilitate meetings and off-sites which include structured tasks that accelerate the team’s ability to reflect on where they have been, assess their current state, and set a course toward the future.

Succession Planning

Leadership is not one-size-fits-all. We help companies identify the specific leadership competencies that will drive their business strategy. By addressing cultural issues such as cronyism, we help companies move to a performance-based evaluation process. We help senior leaders become better developers of talent and we coach CEO’s on how to hold their senior leaders accountable for developing the talent on their teams. Our emphasis is on breaking down the silos that often interfere with leveraging talent most effectively across the company.

Once your organization has a clear picture of its succession plan, we will help you fill the gaps by designing a targeted leadership development program that builds on the capabilities of your current team and helps you select the outside talent your organization needs.

Organizational Analysis

As organizations grow, they often develop structures and processes that make sense at a certain time in their evolution but then outlive their usefulness. The result is a general sense that something is wrong, but often it is very difficult for people inside the organization to see what is working and what is not working. By interviewing key stakeholders and gathering data through surveys, we can rapidly assess your organizational structure and offer practical, business-focused recommendations to link your processes and structure to your strategic objectives.

CEO Succession Planning

Our CEO Succession Planning Program enables our clients to align their selection process with best practices, reduce risk, and make leadership decisions which result in increased success for the company.  A typical process includes:

  • Interviews with key Board members and senior leaders to determine the key success factors for the new CEO
  • Preparation of a CEO Success Profile to guide the search for and evaluation of internal and external candidates
  • Intensive psychological evaluation of the top candidates
  • Feedback to the search committee about each candidate, including hiring recommendations, candidate rankings, and leadership development recommendations
  • Integration of the new CEO

I need to prepare for our future

Executive Development for Women Leaders

Many companies are struggling with how to attract, retain, and promote top female leadership talent. Although many aspects of leadership are the same for men and women, some factors impact differently on men and women. Increasing awareness of these factors and developing programs to address them have been shown to significantly affect the trajectory of a company’s women leaders. The team at GGC has specific expertise in helping companies make the most of their female leadership talent.

We customize our Women in Leadership programs for the specific needs of each client company. Elements may include:

  • Individual assessment and leadership development programs for women leaders
  • Presentations and workshops for company leaders to identify barriers to making the most of women leaders and developing practices to overcome those barriers
  • Facilitation of women’s leadership groups
  • Support and guidance in establishing a mentorship program for women leaders
  • Development of High-Potential Leadership Programs that ensure the identification and development of women leaders
  • Support and guidance in developing “off-ramping” and “on-ramping” programs for women to support the retention of high-value women leaders

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