Many years ago, Sigmund Freud wrote the plaintive question, “What does a woman want?”  Like many men, he found it difficult to understand the motivations and desires of women.  Business leaders often struggle with the same question, and it is becoming increasingly important to their success.

The numbers are clear – women consumers control the majority of spending in a wide variety of businesses.  Figuring out what women want and how to deliver it is one of the keys to thriving in the current environment.

And guess what!  It turns out that when businesses create a great environment for their female employees, they do better with their female customers.  Makes sense – build an engaged, productive female work force, with opportunities for professional development and promotion, and those women will use their energy and enthusiasm to engage and serve your female customers.

Wolf Means Business is a firm that teaches companies how to engage their female employees – from entry-level to C-suite – as well as their female customers.  As part of their leadership team, I have worked with the firm to build programs and interventions to further the success of their female work force.  My affiliation with Wolf is part of my on-going commitment to fostering the development of women leaders and building a world where men and women work together as equals.

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