psychopath investor

Want to Make a Million? Don’t Hire a Psychopath Investor to Manage Your Money

It turns out that once again the general consensus, paradoxically referred to as “common sense,” is wrong. For decades we have believed that, while psychopaths may not be nice people, they are great for beating the competition and making the big bucks. So while you may not want to marry a psychopath, or even work for one, when it comes to your money, you do want a psychopathic investment advisor who can play the game for blood.

Bernardo Hees

3 innovation strategies from Kraft Heinz CEO Bernardo Hees — and how they apply beyond food

How do you rev up a huge, international company? How do you stay innovative in a traditional industry? How do you make brands relevant and exciting?

Bernardo Hees, CEO of Kraft Heinz, may have highlighted these three challenges in his talk at the Executives’ Club of Chicago, but they’re hardly unique to him. Many CEOs struggle to shake off staid processes and stimulate growth. It’s just that Bernardo Hess happens to be doing it at a company with $26.5 billion in annual revenue.

How to manage men and women

How to manage men and women? Stop looking for differences in their brains

It’s hard not to think of phrenology — the debunked pseudo-science that measures your mental abilities from the shape of your skull — when reading the memo from (now former) Googler James Damore. In it, he credits major biological differences between men and women for much of the disparity between their career paths. His presentation is sound — the memo is thoughtful and well-written. But when it comes to the science, he’s extremely naïve.

Peak Performance Strategies

Peak performance strategies to psych you up for success

Peak performance strategies can give business leaders a leg up on the competition, even though the true path to success lies in an old joke. A guy says to a taxi driver, “Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” And the taxi driver answers, “Practice, practice, practice.”

The taxi driver is right, of course. To get to Carnegie Hall — or any other arena of high achievement — you have to work hard to hone your skills. But psychologists have learned that peak performance takes more than skill development. Even the most highly trained performers won’t achieve their best without the right mental tools.

Using People Analytics

Can machines eliminate prejudice? Using People Analytics to overcome bias

There’s a fundamental puzzle at the core of the gender diversity issue. By now, it is well established that businesses led by women and teams that include women tend to outperform their all-male competitors. Large, well-designed, global studies have supported this finding again and again.

So, if you’re a business leader who wants to see your company thrive, why aren’t you rushing to hire women into senior roles as fast as possible?

women's networking lunch

When women stereotype back, we all lose

It started out fine. Interesting, high-powered women invited to a lovely luncheon sponsored by a financial services firm. A panel of three women who are outstanding leaders in the hospitality industry. Beautiful setting, tasty food — it seemed as if it would be all good.

So why did I flee an hour later, rudely walking out before the event was over? There were two main problems.

Extreme performance coaching

Extreme performance coaching: How to tell if you have an extreme job and what to do about it

Just about everyone sometimes finds his or her job overwhelming, but truly extreme jobs are exceptional in their demands on your time and your energy.

These jobs can be highly stimulating, satisfying, and lucrative. But they can also lead to health problems, relationship issues, and emotional burnout. If that’s sounds familiar, here are some key elements to help you determine if your job is extreme:

annual performance reviews

Annual performance reviews still have value — if you know what to do

The annual performance review is dead — or so some writers would have us believe. Many companies are looking for better ways to provide employee feedback, evaluate performance, and calculate raises and bonuses. I first wrote about the drawbacks of performance reviews five years ago. Recently, Grant Levitan of RHR International wrote a good summary of the shortcomings of the annual review process.

isolated systems

What the Second Law of Thermodynamics teaches us about isolated systems in business

In isolated systems, things gradually fall apart. So says physics since Sadi Carnot first articulated the Second Law of Thermodynamics in 1824. Over time, a system that is not taking in energy gradually becomes less organized and less effective.

How many organizations are closed systems, inwardly focused, rigid, and monotonous? No wonder they gradually deteriorate, not because of any bad intentions or external catastrophes, but because of the entropy, the disorder, that is bound to happen. And what’s so sad it that often human systems are closed because the members are trying to preserve order.