Intentional Leadership

Just after 5 p.m., half a dozen business leaders were heading down to the parking lot in the elevator when the CEO of the company stepped in. As they were riding down, he glanced at his watch. When they reached the ground floor, the doors opened and the CEO 70-410 exam out, but everyone else remained in the elevator, rode back up, and returned to their desks. What happened?When the leaders saw the CEO glance at his watch, they assumed he was thinking, “Hmm – that’s interesting. All my senior team members are heading home at 5 instead of working the longer hours their challenging roles demand.” And what was really going on? In fact, he was thinking, “I wonder if I’m going to make my flight.” Continue reading

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

Gotta love that euphemism, “in transition.” It’s the soft way of saying “out of work.” It conveys a great message – that being unemployed is a passage to some wonderful new venture. Sometimes an out-of-work business leader feels that sense of freedom and possibility. But at other times, an unemployed leader or professional feels as if he or she is on the road to nowhere. Continue reading